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EITA Global Regions

(Jungfrau, Switzerland - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)


The EITA is divided into several regions around the world. Those regions unite local members with similar technical interests.

Geographic activities provide unique opportunities to attend technical presentations, create strong peer-to-peer connections, and participate in leadership opportunities that can make a positive distinction in EITA team members' jobs and careers.

Yes, we are all members of the global village, the world has become a global village. In addition to this, people are interacting with each other via Internet, and this makes us involved with people around the world. Therefore, as members of it we have a responsibility towards the global village in contributing to its well being.

The current coordinators of regional planning are:


U.S. Greater New York Region


U.S. Greater Washington D.C. Region


U.S. Greater Chicago Region


U.S. New England Region


Los Angeles Region


U.S. Greater San Francisco Region




Hong Kong


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