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Cultural and Creative Industries

(Church, Bern, Switzerland - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)


Cultural and creative industries are the economic activities of artists, arts enterprises, and cultural entrepreneurs in the production, distribution and consumption of film, literature, theatre, dance, visual arts, broadcasting, and fashion. New digital and information and communication technologies have revolutionized the industry's production process, distribution channels, and consumption modes.  

Following are some theories, legal issues, and management practices central to organizations in the cultural and creative industries: 

  • key trends and issues in the arts and entertainment industries in the 21st century; 
  • the relationship and distinctions between the cultural and creative industries; 
  • commercial-nonprofit partnerships; 
  • the nature of creative work; 
  • understanding and negotiating various types of artist contracts; 
  • the major business forms utilized in the cultural and creative industries and their distinctions; and 
  • copyright, fair use, and other intellectual property-related issues for artists and other creatives.


[More to come ...]


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