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Technology in Museums

(Versailles, France - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)


 Virtual Reality and Van Gogh Collide - Technology is Turning Museums into a Booming Industry.



Technology is rapidly evolving the operations of museums and nonprofits. Now more than ever organizations must keep abreast of the technologies irrevocably changing the way they interact with visitors and administer services. Museums are looking at the best attendance they've ever had, as technology completely revolutionizes the consumption of art. A range of new gadgets are being added to their collections, like iPad-guided gallery tours, eye-tracking devices to track gaze, and symbol decoding software. 

We have a generation that is growing up on video games. The goal is to produce media that would speak their language and Virtual Reality (VR), for example, is an incredibly experiential form of storytelling. But the number of consumers with access to smart devices and the increasing computing power of these devices is astonishing and will yield new possibilities. These new possibilities include technological innovations in invisible and conversational interfaces, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the museum and cultural experience.



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