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[Washington State - Forbes]


Change is constant, even for businesses. Indeed, business is about adapting to change. 

Organizations that can adapt move ahead, and those that can’t, die.

- Wisdom


  • [Columbia Business School]: "Today’s lightning-fast business environment is more complex and unpredictable than ever before. To overcome increasingly multifaceted challenges, business leaders require skills and knowledge from a wide range of traditionally segregated fields. " 
  • [MIT Sloan School of Management]: In today’s increasingly complex business world, leaders must be innovative, entrepreneurial, and global, in both thought and action.
  • "The fastest growing business of the future will be run by harnessing insights from real time big data advanced analytics"
  • "#1 reason why managers fail: inability or inaptitude in retaining top talent. Many bosses have this attitude that anyone is replaceable easily like gloves, that they can hire someone even better. They are fooling themselves, and do disservice to their company. A good employee has knowledge of systems , products and processes. They have trust relationships with clients and co-workers that takes years to build. When you lose a good employee, you lose part of your culture. You lose part of your company. And you may lose your own future." 



[More to come ...]


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