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Future Internet

(United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)


The Future of the World Economy is a Knowledge Economy — the Internet, its Backbone



Future Internet


Future Internet is a general term for research activities on new architectures for the Internet.........



Organizations and Programs


  • []: The future of the world economy is a knowledge economy — the Internet, its backbone.
  • [NSF Future Internet Architecture Project]: "The Internet has created unprecedented opportunities for advancing knowledge across the spectrum of human endeavors.  It has evolved from a small scale network of networks to become integral to our lives and vital to the operation of all critical sectors of our society. The continued success of the Internet, however, is increasingly threatened by the ever-mounting sophistication of security attacks and by the lack of performance reliability of Internet services. As our reliance on a secure and highly dependable information technology infrastructure continues to increase, it is no longer clear that emerging and future needs of our society can be met by the current trajectory of incremental changes to the current Internet......"
  • [The European Union - Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE)]: "The FIRE initiative creates an open research environment which facilitates strategic research and development of new Future Internet concepts, giving researchers the tools they need to conduct large-scale experiments on new paradigms."


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