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Superconducting Qubits: Current State of Play

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- Overview

The ability to control individual quantum degrees of freedom and their interactions unlocks the ability to perform quantum coherent computations. This in turn offers the possibility to perform certain computational tasks and quantum simulations that modern supercomputers cannot. 

Superconducting qubits (superconducting circuits) are currently one of the main methods to realize quantum logic elements and quantum coherent interactions, with high enough controllability and low noise, it is feasible to realize medium and large-scale quantum computing candidate.

Superconducting qubits are one of the most promising technologies for realizing scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computers. We've made tremendous progress over the past two decades, reported in university labs, government agencies, and a growing number of private companies around the world. As the pace of research and development in this field continues to accelerate, individual players must focus on their key capabilities—chip fabrication and characterization, quantum system manipulation, qubit control, or algorithm design.


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