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Image Highway Interchange in Japan_120720A
[Aerial view of highway interchange in Japan - Civil Engineering Discoveries]
Image Adana_Turkey_120720A
[Adana, Turkey - Civil Engineering Discoveries]
Image Chongqing_China_120720A
[Chongqing - China - nickkuratnik]
Image Uranus_031321A
[Uranus - NASA]
Image Jupiter_073021A
Jupiter - All of the giant planets in our solar system have rings around them. Saturn might be the planet that we associate with rings, but Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have pretty sizable rings too. Astronomers learned about Jupiter’s rings back in the early 1600s, and since then it has been studied thoroughly. Jupiter's rings are very faint and made of dust and small pieces of rocks, not ice!
Image San Francisco_California_073021A
[San Francisco, California]
Image Light from Behind a Black Hole_073021A
[Scientists Observe Light from Behind a Black Hole - Stanford University]
Image Lower Manhattan_NYC_091121A
[Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York]
Image Hallstatt_Austria_091221A
[Hallstatt, Austria - Michael Huang]
Image Kylemore Abbey_Ireland_091221A
[Kylemore Abbey, Ireland]
Image Lauterbrunnen_Switzerland_091221A
[Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland]
Image Lake Beauvert_Canada_091321A
[Lake Beauvert, Alberta, Canada]
Image Montreal_Canada_091821A
[Montreal, Canada]
Image Sweden_091721A
Image Cologne_Germany_091721A
[Cologne, Germany]
Image Lorie_FRANCE_091721A
[Lorie, FRANCE]
Image Melbourne_Australia_091721A
[Melbourne, Victoria, Australia]
Image Norway_091721A
Image Budapest_Hungary_091721A
[Budapest, Hungary - mindz.eye]
Image Hawaii_USA_091721A
[Hawaii, USA]
Image Tower Bridge_London_United Kingdom_101621A
[Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom]
Image Oslo_Norway_102521A
[Oslo, Norway]
Image Emerald Lake_Canada_102521A
[Emerald Lake, Canada]
Image Prague_Czech Republic_102521A
[Prague, Czech Republic]
Image Hawaii_USA_102521A
[Hawaii, USA]
Image Toronto_Canada_102521A
[Toronto_Ontario, Canada]
Image Vermont_USA_102521A
[Vermont, USA]
Image Sydney_Australia_102521A
[Sydney, Australia]
Image New Hampshire_USA_102521A
[New Hampshire, USA]
Image Paris_France_102521A
[Paris, France]
Image Rhode Island_USA_102521A
[Rhode Island, USA]
Image Melbourne_Australia_102521A
[Melbourne, Australia]
Image Huacachina_Peru_102521A
Huacachina, Peru]
Image Lauterbrunnen Village_Switzerland_102521A
[Lauterbrunnen Village, Switzerland]
Image Moon_Venus_Jupiter_112821A
[A single exposure image of the Moon sinking over the horizon as Venus and Jupiter shine over a shipwreck on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia. The trio will soon disappear below the horizon, closely followed by the Milky Way.]
Image Wormhole_112821A
[How Do Wormholes Form?]
Image Black Hole_112821A
[A black hole located 230 million light-years away from Earth, at the centre of a galaxy named J0437+2456 and approximately three million times larger that our Sun - was found to be moving at a speed of 110,000 miles per hour.]
Image Indian Ocean Area_121123A
[Indian Ocean Area - CIA, USA]
Image Indian Ocean Area_121123B
[Indian Ocean Area, CIA, USA]
Image Indian Ocean Area_121123B
Image GPS_022624A
[GPS, Trilateration in Action- Science ABC]
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