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Image The Château de Saumur_France_081421A
[The Château de Saumur, France]
Image The moon_042823A
[The Moon]
Image China's Chang'e-4 mission_042823A
[China's Chang'e-4 mission made the first-ever landing on the far side of the Moon in 2019.Credit - Xinhua/Alamy]
Image A Lidar Map_062623A
[A lidar map of Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia - NOAA]
Image Aircraft Carriers_011624A
[Four modern aircraft carriers of various types—USS John C. Stennis, Charles de Gaulle (French Navy), USS John F. Kennedy, helicopter carrier HMS Ocean—and escort vessels, 2002.]
Image Aircraft Carrier_011624A
[Aircraft carrier - US Navy]
Image B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber_012624A
[B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber - US Air Force]
Image F-15_012624A
[F-15 - US Air Force]
Image F-16_012624A
[F-16 - US Air Force]
Image US Air Force Female Fighter Pilot_012624A
[US Air Force Female Fighter Pilot]
Image Space Expanding_NASA_013024A
[Space Expanding - NASA]
Image The Observable Universe_020124A
[The Observable Universe - Big Think]
Image F-16_USAF_020824A
[F-16, Thunderbirds, US Air Force]
Image F-22 Raptor_021224A
[F-22 Raptor]
Image Eathquake_050324A
[Earthquake - USGS]
Image P Waves and S Waves in the Crust_050224A
[P Waves and S Waves in the Crust - USGS]
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