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Image Edge_Computing_071020B
[Edge Computing - Wikipedia]
Image Single_Server_and_CDN_Scheme_of_Distribution_071120A
[(Left) Single Server Distribution and (Right) CDN Scheme of Distribution - Wikipedia]
Image Wireless_Access_Evolution_071220A
[Wireless Access Evolution - Corning]
Image The Future of IoT_071620A
[The Future of IoT -Datafloq]
Image Typical_Cellular_Network_071720A
[A Typical Cellular Network - ITU]
Image Machine Learning Algorithm Flowchart_112118A
(Machine Learning Algorithm Flowchart - Karen Hao, MIT)
Image AI_Algorithm_Flowchart_MIT_112118A
(AI Algorithm Flowchart, Karen Hao, MIT)
Image Distributed_Cloud_Infrastructure_1219
(An example of a distributed cloud infrastructure. Source: ResearchGate)
Image A_Simplified_Moble_Network
(Simplified Overview of a Mobile Network - Medium Technology)
Image Microwave Communication Tower_122219A
(A telecommunications tower with a variety of dish antennas for microwave relay links. The apertures of the dishes are covered by plastic sheets (radomes) to keep out moisture - Wikipedia)
Image Millimeter_Wave_Spectrum_122719A
(Millimeter Wave Spectrum - National Instruments)
Image feature_model_of_big_data_systems_022520A
(Feature Model of Big Data Systems - ScienceDirect)
Image Satellite_Backhaul_Three_Options_072020A
[Satellite Backhaul: Three Options - Hughes]
Image LEO_and_GEO_Satellites_Unidata_072120A
[LEO and GEO Satellites - Unidata]
Image Fixed_Wireless_Access_072320A
[Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) - everythingRF]
Image Advanced_Cell_Tower_072320A
[Advanced Cell Tower - Digital Trends]
Image Parts_of_a_DSL_Network_072420A
[Parts of A DSL Network - Creative Commons]
Image DSL Frequency_072420A
[DSL Frequency - Creative Commons]
Image FWA_Array_Complexity_072420A
[FWA Array Complexity - QORVO]
Image Wireless_Sensor_Network_General_Structure_072820A
[Wireless Sensor Network General Structure - Wikipedia]
Image 5G_MEC_081020A
[Edge and Mutli-access Edge Computing (MEC) - Verizon]
Image AI Impact on Industries_040521A
[AI Impact on Industries - Equities Lab]
Image Data Science Landscape_112021A
[Data Science Landscape]
Image Data Science_Main Formulas for ML_111921A
[Data Science: Main Formulas for Machine Learning]
Image HTTP and The Web_122221A
[HTTP and The Web - Mozilla]
Image Data Collection for ML_013022A
[Data Collection for ML - Yuji Roh]
Image Quantum Internet_UChicago_061722A
[A Secure Quantum Internet - Unversity of Chicago: A new 35-mile extension has built upon Argonne National Laboratory’s already 89-mile (144-kilometer) quantum loop, launched in 2020. The total network now connects to the South Side of Chicago, putting the city at the heart of one of the largest quantum networks in the country and further solidifying the region as a leading global hub for quantum research.]
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