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Manufacturing Campuses and Industrial Networking

The Industrial Campus Network_070722A
[The Industrial Campus Networks - T-Mobile]

- 5G Campus Networks

5G campus networks are local, geo-restricted, and inaccessible to the public. They are of particular interest for industrial use, as 5G technology provides precisely the characteristics required for networked production – high reliability, large range, low latency, high bandwidth, and energy efficiency. However, these characteristics require a higher frequency range. 5G campus networks no longer rely on the 2.2GHz used by previous cellular standards, but instead on frequencies between 3.7 and 3.8GHz. For 5G we refer to band n78.

- Dual Slice Solution

The campus network cannot be accessed from the public network. The two are still connected in the opposite direction, however, to enable companies to communicate with partners, external service providers, or suppliers. Experts call this combination of public and private networks a "dual slice solution". The architecture of a campus network involves a “dual slice” solution: two slices being broadcasted - a public network (the “public slice”) and an exclusive private network (the “private slice”) - running on the same hardware.



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