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Graphite for Fuel Cell

Vanderbilt University
(Vanderbilt University)


- Graphite for Fuel Cell

Graphite is used in fuel cells to make bipolar plates. These plates are attached to the electrode backings of a fuel cell stack. They serve two purposes: 

  • Conductor: The graphite plates receive energy from the electrodes.
  • Sandwich: The bipolar plates sandwich most of the components within a fuel cell.

Graphite used in fuel cells must be pure and of high quality. This improves electrical and thermal conductivity, and ensures long life operation. 

Graphite plates are used in the manufacture of PEM (Proton exchange membrane) fuel cells. These fuel cells are being developed for transport applications. 

Fine grained graphite is also used as additives and fillers in fuel cells. However, this is a relatively small component of fuel cells.


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